The Aloe Vera
Investment Program

Invest Fresh with LatAm Prime Farmland Investments

You purchase one hectare (2.5 acres) of raw land from your farm management partner FUSASAB S.A.S. You own the land and receive full clear title to the land.

Your farm management partner will clear the land, conduct GEO spatial engineering survey using latest agricultural drone technology, move or stabilize earth where needed, install infrastructure, road access, irrigation and reservoirs before treating the soil and planting 15,000 Aloe Vera babies (hijuelos).

Your farm management partner will then care for and manage the hectare bringing in the first harvest after 24 months. There will be 3 to 4 harvests per year from year 3 forward.

Your farm management partner will purchase the harvest from you each year (contractually guaranteed) for usage at their on site processing plant, converting the gel to organic powder. The sale of your produce is projected to generate a net return (after taxes) of 29% per year from year 3 forward.

Request our brochure with detailed information about our Aloe Vera investment opportunity, including expected annual returns: