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Farm Update September 2016
9th September 2016
Farm Update October 2016
13th October 2016

synagro_1Nowadays, farming is a complex managerial task that involves a number of stringent requirements for agricultural information systems.

Agriculture has become increasingly more industrialized over the past few decades. Many farms now operate as high-tech factories that allow for large-scale production and require intensive use of technology. Especially for an organic farm it is important to be efficient and to meet high quality and environmental standards at the same time. In this complex business environment, it is of great importance to keep business processes in control. More than ever, the managerial tasks in agri-business have high requirements and need to be supported by information systems, particularly regarding flexibility and integration of data for decision making.

The company FUSASAB S.A.S has incorporated for the resource management of their Organic Aloe Vera plantation Colombia the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system SYNAGRO. The software will be a key tool for managing the Aloe Vera production, inventory and finances. All of this is done in a single interactive database management system with built-in analytics and a dashboard. The system helps agricultural enterprises to organize data collection processes and analysis of information, using as a central tool software that integrates the technical, administrative, and financial area of the farming business.

SYNAGRO allows to track work progress in each activity carried out by FUSASAB at all levels:

On the production side, the software will help in planning irrigation, fertilization, planting, staff control and productivity, inventory control, harvest volume per hectare / client parcel, movement and logistics of harvested Aloe Vera leaves. On the accountancy side, it provides financial information about input and costs per hectare of the farm, production value per client hectare, cash flow and profit payouts, taxes, etc..

The team of agricultural experts work on the schedule needed for the Aloe Vera production. “Information is always good. We try to adhere to a strict schedule,” says Enrique Gaitán Luque, the Founder and Managing Director of Grupo Gaitán Cuevas S.A.S. and its agricultural subdivision FUSASAB S.A.S.. “Nowadays, modern farming is about analyzing the data and treating agriculture as a business,  especially organic agriculture” says Gaitán.

A consultant of the software company is accompanying the farm management provider over the period of one year for the implementation of the system, continuous training and improvement to manage all types of data.


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