May Farm Update

April Farm Update
26th April 2017
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July Farm Update – Drone Videos & Activity Report
31st July 2017

Welcome to the LatAm Prime May newsletter and project update

The farm team of Grupo Gaitán Cuevas is continuing with the implementation and planting of the 220 hectare Organic Aloe Vera farm in Cunday. The month of May was filled with plenty of rainfall, which was a blessing for the plants and soil after the last two hot and dry months. However this also meant that the farm team was not able to work every day at full capacity, which is planting 4,500 hijuelos (or baby plants) per day. Still, there has been very good progress and two additional water reservoirs have been installed as well. Processes are continuously being improved as well, meaning productivity is expected to increase each month.

At the same time, the team in Fusagasuga was busy harvesting and preparing the hijuelos for transport to Cunday. Once a day, the truck is loaded in Fusa with hijuelos and transported to Finca Aguas Claras in Cunday, which is located around 1.5hrs from Fusa. Each hectare of the plantation produces around 150.000 hijuelos per year, which usually can be commercialized or processed to organic humus (The organic component of soil, formed by the decomposition of leaves and other plant material by soil microorganisms). Grupo Gaitán Cuevas is however using all the Fusa-grown organic hijuelos for the planting of the investor parcels at Finca Aguas Claras.

The farm works and implementation continuous to be the major focus of Grupo Gaitán Cuevas for the rest of the year. Please note that the frequency of our farm updates will change to bi-monthly. Anybody who is interested in a personal update, please feel free to reach out to us at moc.e1513319111mirpt1513319111al@of1513319111ni1513319111, or just give us a call at (1) 806-686-4690 (US).

Also please contact us if you´re interesting in pre-registering for the next available investor phase.

Your LatAm Prime Team
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